Roger Waters Calls Joe Biden A 'F*cking Slimeball' Who Will Likely Lose To Donald Trump

In an April interview with Rolling Stone, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame revealed his thoughts on the 2020 primary and the Democratic Party's presumptive nominee, Joe Biden. At one point, Waters, who is a supporter of Bernie Sanders, was asked whether he feels progressives should vote for Biden in 2020 out of "duty," as reported by Breitbart.

"I'm on the fence," Waters responded, per Consequence of Sound.

"I'm so flabbergasted and gobsmacked by the way the Democratic National Committee has railroaded Bernie [Sanders]… again. And has put in place a candidate — I can't imagine Biden beating Trump in an election."
Waters then turned his attention to Biden, who continues to face allegations of sexual harassment and assault ahead of the Democratic National Convention.

"Biden is such a f*cking slime ball, he's so weak, and has no appeal to anybody," Waters said. "Trump, at least, is a snake oil salesman, he does tricks.. he does them really badly, but people don't care."

However, Waters stopped short of revealing who he plans to vote for in 2020, if at all.

"I obviously don't know where I stand on that lesser of two evils question," Waters said, noting he's not sure he believes that a "path to a new America" will become any more of a reality under Biden's lead.

Waters also used the interview to express his dislike of American exceptionalism and his belief that the American government convinces "gullible" American citizens to believe they support human rights, freedom, and democracy.

As reported by Breitbart, Waters has been open about his support of Sanders and his disdain of Trump. When the Vermont senator suspended his campaign, Waters expressed his disappointment in a video posted to Facebook.

At a New York Q&A session in February, Waters called Trump a "tyrant and mass murderer" who is destroying everything in his way because he has the power to do so. During a 2017 tour, Waters brought his anti-Trump message to the show, which allegedly didn't sit well with some fans. Nevertheless, Waters is a notoriously politically conscious artist who has been outspoken about his political beliefs for the duration of his career.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Waters spoke out about Twitter's decision to ban the Unity4J account, which voices support for Julian Assange. He accused the platform of being an oppressive force fighting against journalism, freedom of speech, and other human rights, and praised Assange as someone who was betrayed by imperialist countries such as the U.S. and the U.K.