WWE News: Vince McMahon Wanted A Former World Champion To Appear Naked On TV

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Chris Jericho may have had the ultimate moment proposed to him. The current All Elite Wrestling star states that Vince McMahon wanted him to appear naked on an episode of Monday Night Raw.

Over the years, there have been a lot of strange storylines in WWE, from the funeral of Big Show’s father was a chaotic disaster to the time that Mae Young gave birth to a hand, but no one ever appeared naked on camera.

On a recent episode of Talk Is Jericho, the former World Heavyweight Champion said that Vince and Michael Hayes wanted him to appear fully undressed on TV for a segment with Christian on Raw. Christian and Jericho were teaming together a lot as “Vitamin C” and feuding with the Dudley Boyz, but this took their program to an entirely different level.

Chris Jericho poses with AEW World Championship
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As transcribed by WrestleTalk, Jericho has done some crazy things throughout his career, but he did not agree with this bit. This segment was proposed to Jericho and Christian back in 2002, but they didn’t go through with it in full.

“I remember that one week [when] The Dudley Boyz stole Christian and I’s clothes from the locker room and then we go out to the ring in towels and then Spike Dudley comes up and pulls our towels off and we’re naked. This is Michael Hayes telling me this and I’m like ‘how are we going to be naked?’ He goes, ‘you’re really going to be naked.’ I’m like, ‘what? The f*ck I am, there’s no way!'”

Upon expressing his concerns to Hayes over the segment, Vince McMahon came into the room.

“Hey pal, I heard you’ve got an issue,” McMahon said to Jericho.

Christian and Jericho did have their clothes stolen by the Dudley Boyz, and Spike did run onstage to take their towels from them. As soon as the removal of the towels took place, the camera cut away and didn’t show any nudity. The network would have blurred out their nudity if the cameras had stayed on them, but it still would have taken things too far.

Jericho said that he was against the idea because he didn’t think it would be a good message to send to children watching the show if they appeared naked. Jericho has often told stories of how he has a great relationship with Vince and could shoot down some of the ideas he was didn’t feel comfortable doing.