Preacher Doesn’t Want You Calling Christians ‘Bibliophiles’

Who in the H-E-Dubs are you calling a “bibliophile?” Evangelist Ray Comfort would like to know. He threatened to ban anyone who calls a Christian a “bibliophile” from his Facebook page today. This new rule is brought to you by an embarrassingly poor understanding of the word bibliophile.

Comfort is a best-selling evangelist, probably most known in Christian circles for his frequent collaborations with actor-turned-crusader Kirk Cameron. In secular circles, he’s known for his steadfast belief in creationism and his stance against gay marriage. To each his own, I suppose.

Anyway, a recent post on his official Facebook page turned really awkward really quickly due to a poor understanding of the word bibliophile.

On his page, Comfort wrote: “The Christian believes the Bible, because he has met the Author and has an on-going relationship with him.”

Facebook user (and apparent Trekkie) Leonie Hilliard then crafted a substantive response, challenging Comfort’s assumptions citing several scriptures to back up his point. But he crossed the line by calling Comfort a bibliophile. Whether the compliment was genuine or back-handed quickly became irrelevant in light of Comfort’s response.

“If you call any other Christian on this page a ‘bibliophile’ I will ban you. Please show respect for your fellow species. Thanks.”

… What?

Just so we’re clear, a “bibliophile” a “lover of books,” someone who likes to read, someone who is well-read, etc. And that’s exactly what Hilliard explained in his reply.

From there, it becomes so sad and naive that I can’t even bring myself to make fun of the poor preacher.

He apologizes for being so curt with Hilliard, and explains that he thought that “bibliophile” was one of those clever Atheist insults, an meant as a portmanteau of the words “Bible” and “pedophile.” Which, as an aside, doesn’t even make sense, because I’m pretty sure you can’t be brought up on charges for having a romantic relationship with a Teen Study Bible.

Anyway, the two wrapped things up very graciously. You can read the exchange below, via The Daily Dolt, who reason that this just goes to show that there is indeed a God, and that “He has a f***ing awesome sense of humor.”

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