James Corden To Pay For The Salaries Of Out Of Work ‘The Late Late Show’ Staff

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

James Corden, the host of The Late Late Show, will be paying the salaries of around 60 staff members of the show that are currently out of work as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. In-studio production of the show was put on hold on March 15 in an effort to protect the safety of the staff, according to The Daily Mail.

Since production was placed on hold, the staff members were still receiving paychecks from CBS over the course of eight weeks. However, that will end this week, meaning that they will be officially considered furloughed as of May 4. From then on Corden will be taking over paying their salaries out of his own pocket. While the total amount that he will be paying per week to cover this cost has not been released to the public, it is expected to be mid-five figures.

As of April 14 Corden has been doing a virtual version of the show from his garage at home. He has been diligent in keeping connected with staff members by providing them with at-home projects whenever possible. Corden, executive producer Ben Winston, and some staff members have also been doing daily chats via Zoom.

It is still not clear when The Late Late Show, which is filmed in California, will be able to resume production as normal. However, the state is beginning to take steps to slowly re-open its economy, allowing some people to return to work.

The pandemic has caused even the normally jovial Corden to take pause and reassess what is really important in life, he confessed recently in an article for TIME.

“I can see now that I’ve taken so many things for granted, things for which I’m now acutely grateful. When things do revert to some form of normalcy, whenever that is, I hope I don’t forget this feeling. I’ve never felt less inspired or creative — but the show must go on. What matters now is looking after the people you love and being there for them. And when all else fails, the power of a good deep breath, a chuckle with a friend and a glass of wine should never be underestimated.”

In addition to Corden, comedian Trevor Noah has also stepped up to help out his staff members. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the host of The Daily Show With Trevor Noah will be paying for the salaries of 25 employees out of his own pocket until they are able to return to work.