Erica Fett Flaunts Incredible Cleavage While Posing In A Bathtub

The cosplay model left little to the imagination while sitting in a tub.

Erica Fett takes a selfie.
Erica Fett / Instagram

The cosplay model left little to the imagination while sitting in a tub.

On Saturday, May 2, cosplay model Erica Fett uploaded a tantalizing Instagram post for her 2.3 million followers to enjoy.

The provocative photo shows the 32-year-old posing in a bathtub in front of a blue-tiled wall. Fake flowers had been placed on the tub’s edge. Erica sat with her knees bent in foamy blue water. She flirtatiously stuck out her tongue, as she leaned forward, pressing her chest against her thighs. This position allowed her to showcase her incredible cleavage. Fans were also able to get a good view of her impressive tattoo collection. The model did not appear to be wearing any clothing. She did, however, sport a pair of stud earrings and her signature hoop nose ring.

For the photo, the Instagram star wore her hair down but seemed to have pinned back a few loose pieces. She enhanced her already gorgeous features with a full face of makeup. Erica made her beautiful blue eyes pop with warm-toned eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, and voluminous lashes. The application also included sculpted eyebrows, glowing highlighter, and pink lipstick.

In the post’s caption, the social media sensation playfully encouraged her followers to visit her OnlyFans account where she is offering a “free” subscription trial that will last two days. Erica also hinted that the other images from this photo shoot did not adhere to Instagram’s community guidelines regarding nudity.

The post appears to be a fan favorite, as it soon racked up more than 35,000 likes. Quite a few of Erica’s admirers also took the time to shower her with compliments.

“You are a goddess of beauty,” wrote a fan, adding a string of heart-eye emoji to the comment.

“You always look amazing so beautiful,” added a different devotee.

“Amazing beautiful woman you are so cute and I love your tattoos ma’am,” remarked another follower.

“Most beautiful girl in the world!” said a fourth Instagram user.

Some commenters, however, appeared to be rendered speechless by the photo and left a trail of emoji to express their admiration for the model.

Erica engaged with her dedicated followers and responded to some of the comments.

As fans are aware, this is far from the first time that the digital influencer has flaunted her amazing assets on social media. In fact, a majority of her Instagram posts consist of her in revealing ensembles. Recently, she uploaded a picture in which she opted to go braless while wearing an unbuttoned cardigan. That post has been liked over 120,000 times since it was shared.