Wendy Williams Says She Won’t Kiss On The First Date When The Coronavirus Pandemic Ends

Wendy Williams attends LA Pride 2019
Sarah Morris / Getty Images

Wendy Williams said the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way she will approach dating in the future.

Since finalizing her divorce earlier this year, Williams has been vocal about her plans to return to the dating scene. Fans of The Wendy Williams Show will know she is transparent about the men she’s met, as well as what she’s looking for in her next marriage.

While Williams is currently on the market, she said she’ll be taking precautions when it’s safe to go on dates. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, she has been at home recording her show. However, she told Extra‘s host Billy Bush returning to her dating life is important to her. Once she’s back, though, she won’t be getting physical with her potential suitors anytime soon.

“I want to date, and there will be no kissing on the first date,” Williams said. “Even those rules have changed for me.”

If she does find Mr. Right with her new guidelines, Williams said her potential lover could be her future husband. Last year, her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter Sr., reportedly had a baby with another woman during her marriage. Upon learning of the news, Williams filed for divorce, which took months to go through. Although she was burned in her previous marriage, she is completely open to becoming a wife again.

“I am a hopeless romantic. I would get married again with a very simple prenuptial agreement. Basically, what’s yours is yours and what’s mine is mine,” she shared. “And no, I wouldn’t walk down the aisle. I would like to get married in a hotel room. We don’t even have to go on a honeymoon. I don’t care.”

Even though she hasn’t been dating in weeks, Williams says her new work setup is coming along just fine. She says being at home has made her pay more attention to her beauty techniques. Rather than having her own team with her, she’s had to apply her own makeup and does her own hair. The host said her appearance is just as important to her now that the quarantine is happening.

“I don’t understand how people can possibly get on TV — even in this corona [pandemic] — and look like the bums they do,” she explained.

Williams began shooting Wendy@Home in early April. She said she began the show after being stir-crazy in quarantine. Several other daytime shows, including The Real and The Talk, have followed suit by recording episodes virtually on a weekly basis.