WWE And AEW Could Allow Fans To Attend Florida Events Sometime This Month

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After nearly two months without having any fans in attendance, both WWE and All Elite Wrestling may be able to change that this month. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is allowing some small businesses to open with restrictions, and he has made it clear that things are happening in phases, and in a safe manner. If all continues down the right path, the superstars and wrestlers could have an audience within the next few weeks.

The Re-Open Florida Task Force, organized by DeSantis, has set forth a three-phase plan to have things return to normal in the state. This plan goes along with the requirements that President Donald Trump suggested for all states last week amid the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Wrestling Inc., each phase has different stipulations for which businesses can resume operations and at which capacity.

Phase 1 states that people still can’t gather in groups larger than 10 in a small location. The guidelines and stipulations read in such a way that it could allow for fans to return to arenas where professional wrestling events are taking place.

DeSantis states that any large sporting event should continue to use strict social distancing guidelines. In addition to social distancing, occupancy for the event should be limited to no more than 25 percent of the building’s capacity.

Phase 2 would allow for a higher capacity, as would Phase 3 before returning to regular attendance.

Edge and Randy Orton fight at "WrestleMania 36."

All WWE events have taken place at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, for the last six weeks. That includes WrestleMania 36, which took place over two nights with no fans in attendance. WWE has pre-taped enough footage without having to return to film until May 11.

AEW can hold events at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida, and it can hold 5,500 fans when allowed. The company has been filming without any fans in attendance as well, and they have enough footage to air shows through the middle of May.

Florida has not offered many of the details for Phase 2 and Phase 3, as they need to have a “successful conclusion” of Phase 1 first. Upon getting through that first phase without having an increase in the number of coronavirus cases, the state will be able to move ahead.

Neither WWE nor AEW have commented on if they will allow fans to attend events during the first phase or two of Florida’s reopening plan. Some superstars are still choosing not to attend tapings, even with minimal staff in attendance, as they don’t feel it is safe yet.