Peter Weber & Kelley Flanagan Diss ‘Bachelor’ Critics & Sing ‘Nobody Wants To See Us Together’

Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber connect on 'The Bachelor'
John Fleenor / ABC

It looks like Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan might be done playing coy with The Bachelor fans. They have been together at her place in Chicago for weeks now, and a new TikTok video suggests that they are doing their best to ignore criticism from fans.

As Us Weekly shared, a new TikTok video from Kelley and Peter signals that they are leaning on one another amid a fairly consistent stream of criticism from fans of the show.

Peter and Kelley have been virtually inseparable since they were spotted together in Chicago in late March. Peter has been quarantining with Kelley and his The Bachelorette buddy, Dustin Kendrick, at her apartment, and they have tried to deny that they are dating.

The Bachelor stars have talked about being friends while hinting that there might be more going on between them. As Page Six recently noted, the buzz is that Kelley and Peter are fully dating at this point, but they have been resistant to labeling it as such for curious fans.

Given this new TikTok video, however, it seems that they are moving past any questions regarding official labels. The new clip causing a stir shows Kelley and Peter singing a snippet of the Akon song, “Don’t Matter.”

As Peter and Kelley sit close to one another, they record a couple of lines of the Akon song and point to one another.

“Nobody wants to see us together, but it don’t matter, no. Cause I got you,” they sing.

The TikTok video generated plenty of buzz after it was shared on Peter’s page. In just a couple of hours, more than 9,000 people had liked it and almost 850 people commented.

As some might guess based on the song lyric itself, not everybody was praising The Bachelor duo. However, quite a few of the comments were supportive and positive, cheering that the two seem to have realized they were perhaps meant to be together.

“When ur 1st 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th choice didnt work out,” teased one follower.

“No no no. We did wanna see y’all together. But PETER!! YOU didn’t wanna see y’all together smh,” wrote another follower.

“you got it all wrong… we wanted you together 5 choices ago,” detailed another critic.

“I don’t know why people are hating so much smh. She was always the best choice and I’m happy that he finally realized that. Happy for you both,” praised a pleased fan of The Bachelor.

Some of Peter’s followers wondered if this was finally a formal announcement that the pair are dating and not just friends quarantining together.

As The Bachelor fans will remember, Kelley and Peter actually met for the first time shortly before filming for his season started. They definitely had chemistry with one another and many people were rooting for her to snag his final rose.

However, Peter eliminated Kelley just before hometowns. Peter got engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss in the finale, but then dumped her and said he wanted to reunite with Madison Prewett. Now, he’s moved on from both of them and seemingly giving this connection with Kelley another shot.

Are Peter and Kelley ready to admit they are dating and could this relationship go the distance? The Bachelor fans definitely have mixed feelings about this pairing, but everybody will be watching to see where things head next for potential couple.