Bella Hadid Shows Off Some Serious Cleavage As Sexy Farm Girl Next Door

Bella Hadid took to her Instagram account on Friday to showcase a brand new look. In a series of four different photos, she showed off a gold-colored top that allowed her to flaunt her voluptuous bosoms. Her more than 30 million fans also got a look at her wearing her hair pulled back and tied into a messy ponytail. All of this was set in front of the backdrop of a room that she apparently felt had a bit of a country vibe.

Along with the photos, Hadid included a caption where she called herself the "farm girl" next door, adding that she had a little time to show off her look.

The first of the four photos was more of a closeup on the model's beautiful face, which was decorated with a bit of bronzer to better match the color of her shirt. As her hair was pulled back, with a few strands hanging in front of her eyes, she positioned herself leaning on what looked like a bench of a shelf while looking away from the camera. The look allowed her fans to gaze into her bright green eyes.

The second picture had Hadid leaning away from the camera and holding the golden ensemble closed at the top with her fingers. She left the middle and lower parts of the shirt unbuttoned, showing off a necklace with a green charm at the end, hanging just above her ample bosom, which was partially revealed. The model's fans were also teased with a glance at her toned tummy.

Perhaps in an attempt to tease her followers even more, Hadid once again leaned forward in the third picture of the set, which was another close-up of her face. This time, she was slightly looking downward, as though she was lost in thought.

The fourth picture in the series showed Hadid once again backing away from the camera. This time she allowed the top of the shirt to hang open, giving a better look at the necklace and the curves of her cleavage. Her pose also offered a better look at the pants she wore to complete her outfit, which had a multicolored tie-dye design.

Hadid's followers were smitten with the look, with many commenting with a swath of heart emoji.

"You made farming great again," one user commented.

"So pretty," another person simply posted.

"I love you OMG," a third admirer gushed.