High School Principal Virdie Montgomery Travels Hundreds Of Miles To Congratulate Graduate Seniors

Wearing a face mask, Virdie Montgomery stood on the front porch of senior's homes to congratulate them.

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Lucy Kelly / Pexels

Wearing a face mask, Virdie Montgomery stood on the front porch of senior's homes to congratulate them.

Virdie Montgomery, a high school principal from Texas, recently traveled around 800 miles to congratulate each one of his school’s 612 graduating seniors. The students did not get to finish out their senior year as they anticipated nor will they get to have a graduation ceremony due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, Montgomery still wanted to recognize them for their hard work, according to Tank’s Good News.

This kind gesture was no easy feat. It took Montgomery, and his wife who accompanied him, over 12 days to complete his journey. In order to keep things safe in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Montgomery did not enter the students’ homes and wore a mask during every visit. He rang the doorbell and spoke to each student from a safe distance away.

Montgomery told the story of this experience in a Facebook post during which he expressed his gratitude of being able to do this for these students. He also showed appreciation for his wife who helped him along the process. He even included over 50 images of selfies he took during his visits, the smiling students visible in the background. In his caption he explained why he felt called to do this.

“Ok…how long does it take a 66 year old, fat, bald principal and his smoking hot wife to make home visits to 612 seniors at what turned out to be 636 addresses? Well…the answer is 12 days totaling 79 hours and over 800 miles. I am excited to have been able to accomplish this mission. There were times I had my doubts that this was a good idea but getting to see the kids reassured me and motivated me each day along with the support, encouragement and navigation heroics of my wife.”

During every visit, he told the student a joke and handed them a Snickers candy bar. He apologized if he missed any of the students, explaining that there were a few who were not home at the time and a few others whom he could find no address for. Nevertheless, the mission was overall a success and Montgomery was glad he went through with it.

When asked why he decided to embark on this endeavor, Montgomery explained that with everything going on he just did not feel as if he was doing enough for his students.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the state of Texas is expected to soon re-open following a state wide stay-at-home order. However, they are not in the clear yet. On Thursday, the state experienced its highest one-day increase of deaths as a result of the coronavirus.