Gabby Allen Enjoys A Smoothie In Blue Shorts

Gabby Allen poses for a photo in London.
Ricky Vigil / Getty Images

Gabby Allen took to Instagram to share a sizzling shot while enjoying a cold, healthy beverage. The blond bombshell delighted fans with the Friday upload, which saw her in powder blue attire.

Gabby was posed in a kitchen lined with white cabinets for her latest social media share. The photo was well-lit, and the space boasted a beautiful black marble counter with a few wooden cutting boards on top. She stood next to a large bouquet that was filled with white roses and other greenery. Gabby held a purple smoothie near her face, placing the straw near her mouth while she looked into the camera with a smile. In her caption, she shared how she couldn’t believe that it was already Friday while plugging a sweat fest that she’s doing tomorrow morning.

The photo captured Gabby in a casual, coordinating set that boasted a beautiful Tiffany blue color. On top, she rocked an oversized crew neck sweater that looked incredibly comfy. The sides of the garment bunched around her hips and showcased her tiny midsection. Its sleeves were pretty snug on her arms, and its crew neckline didn’t leave much of her sexy upper-half on display.

The bottoms were far sexier and possessed the same gorgeous blue hue. Its sides were lined with gray accents, adding another small pop of color to the ensemble. The garment was incredibly short and offered a generous view of Gabby’s brown legs, which she works out regularly. She added a small pair of heart earrings to her casual look.

Gabby pulled her voluminous blond locks back in a high bun that rested on the top of her head. The rest of her hair was tightly secured, ensuring that no loose ends would fall in her face. Gabby added a striking application of makeup, which included mascara, blush, highlighter, and defined brows. The bold look complemented her tanned complexion perfectly.

Fans have loved the update so far. While some double-tapped the photo over 6,000 times, countless others flooded the comments section with compliments. A few others commented using only emoji.

“You look amazing. So beautiful,” one fan complimented alongside a series of heart and flame emoji.

“You look so glam!! Love the hurrrr,” a second social media user gushed with a trio of heart emoji.

“Yaaas!! I’ll be there! Do we need equipment?” another asked, referencing the workout class.

“Yeyyy another day, another Gabby workout will be there,” a fourth fan added with a few flexing arm emoji in their caption.