Juliet Daly, 12-Year-Old Girl, Recovers From Nearly-Fatal COVID-19 Battle, Says She Died And Came Back

A 12-year-old Louisiana girl who was so sick with COVID-19 that doctors had to perform CPR on her says that she "died and came back," the Associated Press reports.

On April 6, Juliet Daly started coming down with stomach pain and vomiting. Her mother, Jennifer Daly, a radiologist, suspected that the young girl might have been having appendicitis, and took her to the emergency room. However, in addition to her abdominal issues, her lips were turning blue and her limbs were cold.

Her mother took her to the emergency room, where she went into cardiac arrest. Doctors performed CPR on her for two minutes. She recovered, but she was still gravely ill and was airlifted to a New Orleans hospital.

Jennifer recalled that she began preparing herself for the idea that her daughter might not live to see her 13th birthday.

"She does not deserve this. And I was praying to God... just please, please help, please help me," she said.


Dr. Jake Kleinmahon was one of the doctors who received Juliet when she arrived at Ochsner Medical Center.

"Juliet came in as one of the sickest children we've taken care of with COVID-19," he said, noting that the top chamber of her heart was not working correctly with the bottom chamber and that she was developing multisystem organ failure.

Juliet wound up being on a ventilator for four days. Eventually, she was able to breathe on her own. When she woke up, one of the first things she asked about was how much school she'd missed, apparently not realizing that Louisiana schools were -- and are -- shut down until further notice.

By April 15, she had recovered and was discharged. Kleinmahon said that there was minimal permanent damage to Juliet's heart, and she will likely grow up to live a perfectly normal life.


Jennifer also noted that her daughter remembers little of her ordeal, beyond being told that she was going to have a tube put down her throat and go for a helicopter ride.

Juliet, for her part, says that the disease did actually kill her.

"I died and came back," she said.

As for her symptoms, Kleinmahon said that many children who have the coronavirus present with symptoms, such as rashes or abdominal distress, not usually seen in adults sick with the virus. He also pointed out that many children who are acutely sick with COVID-19 symptoms also have secondary infections. Such was the case with Juliet, whose mother says that she had an adenovirus infection.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, children have, by and large, been spared, with most who contract the virus experiencing few symptoms or none at all. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, those few children that have developed serious complications of the virus have had underlying health conditions. However, at least one otherwise-healthy person under the age of 18 -- an unidentified French teenager -- has died of the disease.