Brad Pitt Scores Another WWII Role In ‘Fury’

Are you ready to see Brad Pitt go back to World War II again? It looks like he’ll get the chance to do just that in a new film titled Fury. The film, which is a project helmed by End of Watch’s director David Ayer, just announced that Brad Pitt has joined the project in an unspecified role for their new World War II plot-driven story.

We’re not so sure if Pitt will be scalping nazis for this film, but we can confirm that it is a war movie. If you’re looking for moe detail on the film, it’s said to be set specifically in 1945, and will follow the tale of five American soldiers who operate a tank, Fury, and use it on the Nazi ranks. It looks like both Pitt and Ayer are after bringing some grit back to war movies, with Ayer stating he wants “to bring a fresh execution to the genre. What these men went through is worthy of a complex, honest portrayal. This will have incredible, visceral action and complex rich characters. I plan to bring tank combat to life in a way that lands with a modern audience.”

While it’s not certain that Pitt will have a lead role, we really can’t think of a film that doesn’t have Pitt in the lead, or at least in enough of the film so that he’s stealing scenes left and right a la Inglourious Basterds. We’re willing to bet money on it that Pitt will be the man to lead the troops, and that he will carry most of the picture on his shoulders. Over the years Pitt has proven he’s more than qualified to carry a film and make bank on it as well, so we’re not worried about this one.

Recently Ayer, who also wrote Training Day, has been receiving high praises as a fairly new director, as End of Watch, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peaa was thoroughly loved by critics wide. We all wondered what Ayers would follow his success up with, and now that it looks like Pitt is involved, it’s sure to be a nice companion piece to his first victory in direction.