DJ Megatron’s Killer Gets 21 Years In Prison

DJ Megatron’s killer was sentenced to 21 years in prison today.

According to the Associated Press, William “Billy” Williams plead guilty to manslaughter in January.

He was sentenced to 21 years in prison today for shooting DJ Megatron to death near his home in Staten Island in 2011.

Louvenia McGriff, DJ Megatron’s mother, addressed her son’s killer during the sentencing today. McGriff said: “We will never ever understand how you killed our Corey. He lived to give and to help others.”

SI Live reports that DJ Megatron was killed during a botched robbery on March 27, 2011.

Williams and another man, Richard Cromwell, stopped the TV personality while he was walking to his house in Staten Island. McGriff resisted the two men and was fatally shot in the chest by Williams.

After the shooting, Cromwell and Williams went through DJ Megatron’s pockets stealing his watch and cellphone.

Cromwell will be sentenced on Monday. Cromwell also plead guilty in January and is now facing felony counts of first and third-degree robbery as well as a misdmeanor of stolen-property possession.

DJ Megatron is best known for his work on BET’s 106 Park. He also appeared on several other shows and web videos for the cable channel.

After the shooting, DJ Megatron’s mother said: “It is just earth-shattering. Words can’t describe the way my husband and I feel right now. I just don’t know how we’re going to make it without him. He was our golden child.”