‘BattleBlock Theater’: Review Roundup

BattleBlock Theater was released today and the reviews are in. Here’s what the critics said.

You start the game as you and a bunch of friends, including your best friend Hatty Hatterton, go sailing into the wet blue unknown. The adventure you find, however, is not what you expected. A big storm hits and blows your ship about, and you land on a long-forgotten island, where you suddenly realize that Hatty is nowhere to be found.

As you explore the island, you come across a dilapidated theater and wander in, and then suddenly it hits you. The theater is run by giant cats with an affinity for technology, and Hatty’s the man in charge. Just when you thought Hatty was on your side, now he’s in control of some sadistic circus of mayhem.

BattleBlock Theater is a co-op and competitive platformer that should be familiar to fans of games from The Behemoth.

The humor takes center stage as you take part in almost Mario Party type minigames. The giant chicken head throwing explosive frogs with tophats with the intention of blowing up cats should give you a clue what you’re up against. Play this game with the idea of laughing, not thinking too much. Even the narrator is so over the top that most of what it says is like an overreaction to what’s going on. This game is so hell-bent on making you smile that it will throw in references to games you may have played before.

Many classic platformer elements are present in BattleBlock Theater, from the subtle suggestions and rewards for experimenting, to gems that are almost impossible to reach, demanding some daredevil exploring to find everything. You’ll be running, jumping, dodging, and using the various block properties to get through each stage while you collect as many gems as you can.

What do you think of BattleBlock Theater for Xbox 360?