Donny Osmond Shares Epic Throwback Pic In Honor Of Brother Merrill's Birthday

Lucille Barilla

Donny Osmond shared an epic throwback pic to Instagram in honor of his older brother Merrill's birthday. The singer and entertainer took to the social media sharing site to post his good wishes for his brother and asked his 189,000 followers to join him.

In the caption of the share, Donny hoped his brother was having a good day. He also reflected on the style for men in the 1970s, commenting on the hairstyles and shirts the brothers sported in the promotional pic. Donny can be found at the bottom center of the image, between his brothers Wayne and Jay Osmond. Merrill stood directly above Donny and in front of their oldest brother Alan, who posed at the top right of the image. All smiled brightly for the outdoor photo taken under a large tree.

Donny wore a white shirt with blue flowers, his hair combed over to one side and down over his ears. Wayne, to Donny's left, had on a gray and blue striped dress shirt, sporting a variation of his younger brother's hairstyle. Jay, on Donny's right, had a black and white print shirt on. His hair was just a tad shorter than his brother's.

The Osmonds reached their heydey as recording artists in 1970, when they were signed to MGM Records by label president Mike Curb. They scored their first hit with the tune "One Bad Apple," a bubblegum soul song that was originally passed over by the Jackson 5.

Fans of the family flashed back in time along with Donny, sharing their own memories of that precious time period in their lives, as well as sending Merrill birthday messages.

"Hey Donny, you're in the middle too!! Got to be around '74 ish?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY Merrill," noted one fan.

"Happy Birthday Merrill. I'd say this photo was around '73," a second Osmond lover observed.

"So many good memories I wish we all can go back to the 70s the good all days chap," wrote a third follower.

"Saying 1970 or 71. I remember those shirts when we first met you in August 1971 you all were wearing those shirts. Or several of them! Yes I remember!" a fourth Instagram user shared.