‘Doom 4’ Slated For Next Gen Consoles

Doom 4 is being redesigned and is now slated for the Xbox 720 and the Playstation 4 consoles. The title has been anxiously awaited for more years than the developers would like to count, but the launch could finally be on the horizon.

The development for the game was actually rebooted back in 2011 and while it toiled in limbo for the last few years it appears that the birth of the next gen consoles has given the game reason to exist again.

Those who are looking to see the game sometime later this year better not hold their breath. There are reports that the new and improved version is also hitting rough seas.

Doom 4 is apparently still aiming to come out on the next generation consoles but it doesn’t appear as though it will be hitting those consoles all that quickly.

That has been the story of this particular game almost since it was announced. The fourth title in the series has actually been in the planning stages since 2007.

There are almost no other games in the market that have been in development for five years and that still have any chance of ever actually seeing store shelves.

One of the reasons that people seem to think that Doom could have some real life is because ZeniMax studios, one of the companies that has real interest in the title has actually canceled another title in order to focus on this one.

Because the game has really never gotten all that close to completion, there isn’t a ton known about the plot or what the title would actually contain as far as gameplay.

Because it was first being built before anyone knew what the next generation consoles would contain, its conceivable that the game will need yet another reboot.

Will you be playing Doom 4 if it ever hits shelves?