NFL Installing Locker Room Cameras At Every Stadium

The NFL is mandating that every team install locker room cameras in the their stadiums before the 2013 season. The odd move will be used as a tool to enhance the fan experience at games.

The NFL promises anything shown by the locker room cameras will be safe for work. The idea behind cameras is to give fans a glimpse inside the home team’s locker room right before games start and during halftime.

Eric Grubman, NFL Executive Vice President, revealed the news at the 2013 IMG World Congress of Sports on Tuesday. NFL Spokesman Brian McCarthy then explained how it will work.

The locker room cameras will only show footage from the home team. It will be shot pre-game and during halftime. Each team will then have the choice of how to use the footage on replay screens. It will also be up to the teams if they choose to use audio with the footage.

One aspect that has attracted the NFL to the idea is extra advertising revenue. While fans are waiting for their game to start, a message could appear on the replay screen, “Here’s a glimpse into the locker room, presented by…” If the cameras prove to be popular, sponsors could pay good money for this.

Grubmam believes the move will help increase NFL attendance by giving fans a unique experience at the stadium. That way fans have a reason to go to games instead of staying home and watching on TV.

Another change the NFL will be introducing is on replays. All replay angles will be shown in-stadium. There have been instances since replay was introduced where the in-stadium operator would show biased angles to the crowd. The move will hopefully prevent crowds from getting to hostile when they believe a call did not go their way.

The locker room cameras are one of many changes coming to the NFL for the 2013 season. The infamous tuck-rule has been eliminated, and the crown-of-helmet rule has been introduced. Both rules should be positive changes as the new season approaches.

Do you think locker room cameras are a good idea? Will NFL attendance rise, or are the cameras a cheap gimmick?

[image via Wikimedia Commons]