Pauline Potter 'My 600-LB Life' Update: See Pictures Of Her Amazing 300-LB Weight Loss

Nathan Francis

Pauline Potter initially had a rocky time on My 600-LB Life.

She arrived on the TLC docu-series weighing more than 700 pounds, had to be hospitalized due to her dangerous weight and out-of-control eating habits, then clashed with her treatment plan. Even as she started losing weight, Pauline became addicted to painkillers, threatening to derail her success. Throughout her journey, Pauline also struggled to overcome the mental hangups that led to her dangerous weight gain in the first place.

"That fat girl in me is still there," she said in an update on the TLC show, via The Cinemaholic.

"The doctor fixed our stomachs, but he didn't fix our minds. I have to keep fighting."

Pauline has shared plenty of pictures of her weight-loss journey on Facebook, showing off her dramatically smaller frame. The California woman also appears to have made a permanent home in Houston, where she initially traveled for treatment with famed weight-loss surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. Patients who have put down roots in Houston following their time on My 600-LB Life have often shown more significant progress than those who returned home and tried to keep with the strict diet regimen on their own. From her updates on social media, Pauline appeared to be working hard to continue losing weight.

As Starcasm noted, Pauline has been in the public eye for quite some time, including being featured as the World's Heaviest Woman in the 2011 Guinness Book of World Records and later making an appearance on an episode of Dr. Phil. The report noted that she also became a "tabloid sensation" after saying her weight-loss plan was to have sex with her ex-husband up to seven times a day.

Pauline has also become a fixture on My 600-LB Life, with a series of "Where are they now?" updates after she was initially featured in 2015. She has steadily lost weight since that first appearance when she was one of the largest women to appear on the show. To those who want to see more of what Pauline looks like today, both her Facebook page and the Starcasm report have plenty of pictures of her progress after My 600-LB Life.