Alicia Kirgan Update: See The Illinois Woman After Losing More Than Half Her Body Weight On ‘My 600-LB Life’

A picture of a scale.

Alicia Kirgan has been one of My 600-LB Life’s biggest success stories, and now fans will get a chance to see how much further the Illinois woman has progressed since she first appeared on the TLC docu-series.

Kirgan is featured in a “Where are they now?” episode of the show this week, and has plenty of new progress to show off. After first appearing on the show at 622 pounds, she was able to drop all the way into the 250-pound range and has shown off a dramatically different figure in subsequent updates.

Alicia Kirgan has already provided some updates for fans on her weight-loss journey after My 600-LB Life, including her relationship with her boyfriend. Alicia shared an update after the two celebrated their 8-year anniversary last year, posing for a picture with him on Facebook that showed off her much slimmer frame.

Alicia has also opened about the very strict diet she’s been on since first appearing on the show, saying it was tough at first but rewarding when she began to see the amazing results.

“It was definitely hard following his diet, it’s pretty strict. Cutting out sugar was hard because I love it,” Kirgan said, via Newsweek.

But once you get going you start to feel the difference in your body and that really pushes you to keep on track.”

This week’s episode appeared to show a bit of tension between Alicia and Tim, but she took to Facebook ahead of the episode’s airing that it was more a case of tricky editing. In previews for the episode, Tim appeared to scold his girlfriend for her interaction with famed surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan.

In her Facebook post, Alicia said that Tim has been nothing but loving and supportive, accusing TLC of making it look as if the two are having troubles when that’s really not the case.

“Honestly I don’t care at all what is said or thought about me, but Tim made so many sacrifices and worked so hard to make this possible, just to have his name and image dragged through the mud in the name of profit. It is really shameful,” she wrote.

Alicia’s Facebook page shows that she has continued to make progress, with pictures that show her much slimmer face and figure.

Those looking for more updates on Alicia after her time in the show can check out the My 600-LB Life official page, which is updated regularly with the progress of those featured.