Face-Sized Tarantula Discovered In Sri Lanka

A face-sized tarantula was recently discovered in the northern part of Sri Lanka.

Several people have found the giant arachnids living inside old trees in the area. However, deforestation have pushed the spiders to more spacious accommodations. Some folks have discovered the face-sized tarantulas tucked away inside abandoned buildings.

The enormous spider belongs to the Poecilotheria genus, which are commonly referred to as “Pokies.” The arachnids is known for unique markings. This has led many to refer to it as a tiger spider.

This face-sized tarantula has a leg span of around 8-inches. Fortunately for those who live in fear of encountering such the creature in the wild, this particular arachnid is only found in northern Sri Lanka. Scientists have yet to find any of them living outside of the area.

This particular breed of spider has been dubbed Poecilotheria rajaei. The spider was named after a local police officer who assisted the team search the area.

“This species has enough significant differences to separate it from the other species. I absolutely would love to see DNA sampling done — on all the species of Poecilotheria,” explained British Tarantula Society’s journal editor Peter Kirk.

Not only is the face-sized tarantula freakishly big, it is also quickly deadly. The arachnid is said to pack quite a bit of venon in its bite. To make matters even worse for its prey, the creatures are remarkably fast.

Scientists were originally given a dead tarantula by villagers back in 2009. Intrigued by what they had discovered, a team of researchers set out to discover more of the spiders. The adventure would soon lead them into northern Sri Lanka, where the creatures tend to dwell.

In addition to living in trees and hanging out under rocks, the creatures are known to invade homes during monsoon season. You can see photographs of the enormous spiders at the Smithsonian Magazine website. If you’re afraid of spiders even in the slightest, then I would strongly advise against giving the pictures a look.

What do you think about the face-sized tarantula that scientists discovered dwelling in Sri Lanka?

[Image via Shutterstock.com]