Get over yourselves tech geeks, the iPad wasn’t meant for you

When Apple first released the iPod it wasn’t targeting the tech oriented early adopters. It was targeting the kid next door that wanted to look cool at school while being able to enjoy listening to their MP3 collection. It wasn’t designed to go after the people who knew how to rip; or download, their own MP3s and using confusing pain in the ass software copy those songs onto some generic player. The iPod was meant for those mom’s and non technical people who could easily use iTunes to sync their music.

The same could be said for the iPhone as well. It wasn’t designed with the likes of Robert Scoble or other big name tech bloggers and early adopters. It was designed and marketed to the cool people outside of the whole tech bubble. It was for people that had become totally dissatisfied with their current cell phone. The early adopter buzz was just an added bonus that Steve Jobs couldn’t have cared less about.

Sure the Mac faithful are important but then they will buy anything that Cupertino gets the Jobs stamp of approval on. But the technology sector has never been their principal market. Even their desktops and laptops weren’t designed for computer geeks or tech know-it-alls. They were designed for designers, for people who placed ascetics above processing power and spreadsheet magic.

There’s a lot of noise in the tech blogosphere about how Jobs has let down the faithful because the iPad doesn’t have things like a camera, USB ports or a bunch other geek hot button “needs”.

Well you bunch of tech-heads and early adopter dweebs need to get over your ego puffery and delusions of self-importance. Just as with the iPod and the iPhone before it the iPad wasn’t created to give you all a great big woodie.

The iPad was created for the cool kids. It was created for the mother living next door. It was created for the student going to college. It was designed for the people in the world who couldn’t give a shit if they can program the next great million dollar app or not. It was created to give people a way to be entertained without having to book a chiropractor appointment from having to lug their laptop around on their travels.

It other words it was designed for real people living real lives.

And you know what? I bet it’s going to be a roaring success.