‘NCAA Football 14’ Gameplay Engine Teaser Released [Video]

NCAA Football 14‘s first details have surfaced and among the most juicy is the option to build an “Ultimate Team” in the game.

There is also a gameplay engine teaser video that has hit the web that shows just how much more realistic the cuts that players make when they run and they hits they take will be in this year’s edition of the game.

The Ultimate Team mode will be similar to what EA has done with several of their other sports titles. GameStop is offering a player card pack from the SEC along with pre-orders of the game.

There isn’t a ton of details out there beyond that, as the game’s developers are trying to roll the game out slowly over the next two months. EA says more details will be coming in May.

NCAA Football 14 will be competing with Madden 25 for gamers and for the title of most realistic football game and that kind of competition is a win-win for sports gamers.

This version of the college game will have the same physics engine that exists in Madden 13. EA Tirburon says that along with that engine, tweaks have been made to the game’s physics engine that will give it the most realistic feel the game has ever had.

Among the tweaks that might seem minor but will completely change the way the game is played is that ball carriers will now actually target a part of an opposing player’s body with a stiff arm.

In the past, hitting the stiff arm button did exactly that. The ball carrier would simply stiffly jut their arm out in order to try and avoid a tackle.

EA Tiburon also says that the game developers have worked hard to make blocking look better and better mirror real life physics.

All of these improvements, along with gameplay features that won’t be announced until later could make this the best iteration of one heck of along running series.

Check out the NCAA Football 14 Gameplay Engine teaser and tell us what you think.