Coronavirus Could Turn 2020 Election Into A 'Nightmare Scenario,' Journalist Says

Tyler MacDonald

In a Tuesday article for Politico, journalist Zack Stanton outlined a "nightmare scenario" at the ballot box in November that could be created by the coronavirus pandemic. Although some fear Donald Trump will use the deadly pandemic to delay the 2020 election, Stanton claims there is a possible situation that is terrifying experts even more.

"Despite an ongoing pandemic, the 2020 election takes place as planned, and America is totally unprepared," Stanton says.

According to Stanton, this scenario begins with a significant chunk of American voters becoming "disenfranchised" due to worries from COVID-19. From here, he believes heightened demand for absentee ballots will overwhelm election administrators.

"In some states, like Texas, where fear of coronavirus isn't a valid reason to request an absentee ballot, turnout drops as Americans are forced to choose between voting in person (and risking contact with the coronavirus) or not voting at all."
"Trump declares victory based on those early returns, and again claims that the yet-to-be-counted absentees are tainted with fraud. Days later, with those votes counted, Joe Biden is declared the victor."

Per CNN, experts have sounded the alarm about the threat coronavirus poses to the 2020 election for some time. They argue that sweeping changes to the current voting system are necessary before the election, which, the network notes, is the first one in American history to be plagued by a pandemic.

Fears also continue to swirl about Trump's approach to the 2020 election. Recently, former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang sued the New York State Board of Elections for canceling the state's Democratic primary. In the lawsuit, he pointed to the precedent it sets for Trump to cancel the November election. These sentiments echoed the campaign of Bernie Sanders, which slammed the state's move and said it provides a blueprint for the president to postpone the election.