P. Diddy’s Home Swatted By Dozens Of Law Enforcement Officers

Earlier today, we reported that the home of Steve Carell was swatted by law enforcement after a prank call was placed. We have now learned that the home raided actually belongs to music and fashion mogul P. Diddy.

Diddy’s L.A. home was visited by more than a dozen police cars and two helicopters after a prank call was placed to a local dispatcher.

Apparently Steve Carell’s driveway was occupied by police officers because they had nowhere else to go.

Police also entered the neighbor’s property because they wanted to secure the location.

Swatting is dangerous because police officers are on high alert, unaware that the call is a fake. Swatting pranks often involve telling police officers that armed gunmen have entered a home. Pranksters will often end a swatting call by claiming that shots were fired.

If police believe an aggressive shooter is killing the home’s victims, they are more likely to storm the home in the hopes of catching the criminal off guard.

Police have warned swatters that they will prosecute them to the full extent of the law.

On December 10, police arrested a teenager who they claimed had placed similar swatting calls against actor Ashton Kutcher and singer Justin Bieber.

Nobody has been hurt because of the swatting incidents, but police who are on high alert during each call warn that serious injury and even death could occur.

A swatting call could lead to felony charges and incurred expenses on behalf of the swatter but only if police can track them down.

[Image via Diddy 23]