Chiefs' Bashaud Breeland Reportedly Already Facing Substance Abuse Suspension Prior To Latest Arrest

Kansas City Chiefs defensive back Bashaud Breeland is reportedly appealing a four-game suspension that had to do with the NFL's substance abuse policy prior to his arrest this week, as noted Wednesday on Twitter by NFL insider Tom Pelissero.

Pelissero noted Breeland was arrested on a number of charges on Tuesday, including marijuana possession. It's thought the cornerback's other substance abuse violation is for pot as well. Shortly after that announcement, Mike Garafolo took to Twitter to point out there is a sliver of good news in that regard.

The new collective bargaining agreement the league is working under focuses more on treatment than punishment for marijuana use. It's not clear if Breeland's appeal means he will be able to get a reduced suspension, but it does mean that he won't be getting hit with another suspension for the possession charge this time around.

At the same time, the league could take this arrest as a reason to deny the appeal, and Breeland could be missing the first four games of the 2020 season. It doesn't appear the new CBA entirely wipes out the suspension, as it was apparently incurred before the current rules went into effect.

Whether or not he gets further punishment under the drug abuse chapters of the league's rules and regulations, there are other issues with Breeland's arrest that NFL analysts have said could cause the defensive back some problems.

According to ESPN's Adam Teicher, the arresting officer detailed a situation where the Chiefs player first attempted to leave the scene when he was informed he was going to be detained. That report says the officer first pulled a taser because Breeland wasn't cooperating and later shoved him as he was attempting to get him to cooperate.

At one point, the cornerback got back into his car and the officer said he saw him reach for something. The arresting office then pulled his firearm, and Breeland surrendered. He was taken to jail on Tuesday night and was released on bond early Wednesday morning.

The police report also says that when Breeland's car was searched, they found several open alcohol containers. His representatives have since come out and pointed out that he hasn't been charged with driving under the influence of either alcohol or marijuana. They added that his current legal troubles are all stemming from his actions after the stop, rather than the reason why he was stopped.

The Chiefs, according to Teicher, said they were aware of Breeland's situation but aren't commenting at the moment.