Matthew McConaughey Confirmed For Christopher Nollan’s ‘Interstellar’

A few days ago we reported the news that The Dark Knight Rises director Christopher Nolan was after Matthew McConaughey for his new film Interstellar. We had argued that maybe people, notably McConaughey, can say no to Nolan, since he was only being pursued at that point.

It turns out that Matthew McConaughey is joining the ranks of actors who “just can’t say no” to the prolific director and that he has taken the lead role in the upcoming film Interstellar. The film, which remains vague in its plot, is sure to be a blockbuster. Although Nolan started his career off with lighter indie fare, he has now taken over with blockbuster hits like the Dark Knight trilogy and Inception.

The news of Matthew McConaughey’s confirmation in Interstellar happened when McConaughey spoke with Minneapolis Star-Tribune. When the subject of the sci fi project came up for discussion, Matthew simply said, “I’m confirming.”

So far that’s the only bit of news that has been offered up on the new Nolan project. Last week we reported that if Matthew accepted he would be playing a lead named Cooper, but other than that, the project has remained top-secret, which is normal for any Christopher Nolan project. It’s a smart move too, because if anything the ambiguity of this films generates a lot of buzz.

As we reported last week, Interstellar was originally a project brought to Steven Spielberg years ago from Nolan’s brother Jonathan Nolan. When it was obvious the project wasn’t going anywhere, Christopher Nolan rewrote the script back in January.

So far the description we can offer up about the film is that it will: “depict a heroic interstellar voyage to the farthest borders of our scientific understanding.”

What we do know is that this is a huge year for Matthew McConaughey. The actor made an interesting turn in The Paperboy, while also being a scene stealer in Magic Mike, and has received rave reviews for his lead performance in Mud out of Sundance.

Still, the question remains: Is McConaughey ready to tackle the world of sci fi? Do you think the actor is versatile enough?