Bus Falls 30 Feet In Brazil, Kills Seven [Video]

A bus that fell 30 feet from a viaduct in Brazil has killed at least seven people.

Rio de Janeiro’s Civil Defense Department stated that around six other people were injured during the accident. The vehicle is said to have fallen after the driver reportedly lost control.

Reports indicate that five women and two men died after the bus fell 30 feet from the viaduct. However, authorities believe that the number of deaths could rise. They also stated more injuries will be reported as the investigation wears on.

Officials don’t know how many people were on board the bus at the time the incident occurred. It’s also unknown if any children were counted among the wounded.

Although nothing official has been announced regarding the cause of the accident, a witness said that a heated exchange between the driver and one of the passengers may have caused the crash. However, nothing has been confirmed as of this writing.

Footage of the wreck shows traffic backed up in just about every direction. Since the accident happened on a major highway during rush hour, cars sat motionless for quite some time. Dozens of people gathered around to watch as emergency rescue crews removed the victims from the overturned bus.

Several of the people who were injured when the bus fell 30 feet were airlifted by helicopter to area hospitals for treatment. The conditions of those who were wounded during the accident is currently unknown.

Sadly, this isn’t the only tragic bus crash to occur in recent weeks. An accident in South Africa last month resulted in the death of at least 24 people. Dozens of other people were also injured in the bus crash. Authorities believe the victims were coming back from a church gathering when the driver lost control of the vehicle.

An investigation into what caused a bus to fall 30 feet from a viaduct in Brazil is currently ongoing.