Geno Smith Responds To Scouting Report Calling Him Lazy

Geno Smith has responded to a scouting report calling the West Virginia quarterback lazy. Smith, considered the best quarterback entering the NFL draft this month, laughed off the idea that he is lazy and unfit to lead an NFL team.

Geno Smith has a chance to be a top-10 draft pick. The Buffalo Bills should be looking for a quarterback to compete with Kevin Kolb for the starting job at number eight. The Eagles should feel the same about Michael Vick at number seven. Even the Jaguars might take a chance on Smith at number two and finally admit Blaine Gabbert is not a franchise quarterback.

On Monday, Nolan Nawrocki or Pro Football Weekly posted a scathing pre-draft analysis of Geno Smith. In his review, Nawrocki writes that Smith is, “not committed or focused” and “has approached offseason training as if he has already arrived and it shows in his body with minimal muscle definition or strength.”

Geno Smith took time on Tuesday to respond to Nawrocki while meeting with the Kansas City Chiefs. He laughed off the criticism, saying, “It’s untrue in all things,” before adding, “I heard about it (Monday) night when my quarterbacks coach called me to tell me about it.”

Jake Spavital, Smith’s quarterbacks coach at West Virginia and now Johnny Manziel’s at Texas A&M says Smith is one of the hardest working players he’s worked with. He said the pair laughed about the report before he told Smith, “welcome to the business.”

At the end of his analysis Nawrocki called Geno Smith a top-50 pick in the draft. In comparison, he called USC’s Matt Barkley a sure-fire first round pick. Barkely was considered the best college quarterback entering last season, but a mediocre and injury plagued senior year wrecked his draft stock.

Here’s ESPN college football analyst Todd McShay on Geno Smith:

Geno Smith was an off the radar player entering his senior before before completing 45 of 51 passes for 656 yards and eight touchdowns against Baylor early. He finished the year completing 71 percent of his passes and throwing 42 touchdown against seven interceptions.

Where do you think Geno Smith will be drafted in April? Is Nawrocki’s criticism of Smith fair?