Jennifer Lawrence A ‘Brilliant Role Model,’ Karen Elson Says

Jennifer Lawrence has been declared a “brilliant role model” by model-turned-singer Karen Elson, the former Mrs. Jack White. Elson made the comments to Harper’s Bazaar in the May issue of which she also graces the cover.

Speaking about her daughter Scarlett, whom she had with White, Elson stated, “Scarlett’s friend’s mother said to me the other day that her daughter asked her if she looked fat. Scarlett is blissfully unaware of those issues. But I don’t ever want my children to think that food is taboo. I don’t ever want to heap my baggage on them.”

Elson continued: “I think Jennifer Lawrence is a brilliant role model for young girls, not some of the models that I see on the runway.”

Considering the compliment was made over the issue of looking fat, one could take Elson’s remarks as a bit back-handed, but that likely wasn’t the intention.

The idea of Lawrence as a “role model” has some validity, minus the weed-smoking, of course, due to the star’s earthiness and her ability to dominate Hollywood — she’s currently the number one ranked celebrity on IMDb’s Starmeter — while playing comfortably outside its conventions.

There was also the November 2012 interview with Elle magazine in which she acknowledged Hollywood considered her to be “a fat actress,” and she pretty much didn’t give a damn.

(Her comments appeared in the print edition of the magazine and were reported online by Entertainment Weekly prior to the issue hitting stands.)

In the interview, Lawrence said she was “never going to starve myself for a part.”

“I don’t want little girls to be like, ‘Oh, I want to look like Katniss [her character from The Hunger Games], so I’m going to skip dinner’ … I was trying to get my body to look fit and strong — not thin and underfed.”

Lawrence continued: “I’ll be the only actress who doesn’t have anorexia rumors.”

As for Elson, she may not be such a bad role model herself. In 2010, her first album The Ghost Who Walks, was released (produced by White), and a second could be on the way.

“He [White] keeps saying, ‘Get on with it! Just do it!’ I completely admire that, but it’s a stumbling block for me because I’m not sure if I’m ready to share this stuff yet.”

Putting everything you’ve got into something and not releasing it until ready — a noble concept, and one from which certain Hollywood blockbusters might learn.

(We’re looking at you, G.I. Joe: Retaliation.)

Do you agree with Elson that Jennifer Lawrence is “a brilliant role model”? How can you not love this?

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