Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off Abs In Crop Top And Matching Bikini Bottoms

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

While in quarantine, Emily Ratajkowski has no problem acting as her own model for her fashion line. On Tuesday, Ratajkowski took to Instagram to show off new clothes and swimsuits from her fashion line, Inamorata.

The central post highlighted on Ratajkowski’s Instagram feed showed her wearing a brown-and-gold ruffled crop top with short sleeves. The top was stamped all over with her fashion logo. The bottom of her outfit was a tiny string bikini in the same brown and gold colors.

The fingers of her left hand were deftly hooked around the string of the bikini tied delicately into a bow around her hips. The strings dangled suggestively over Ratajkowski’s tanned leg. The outfit was designed to expertly display Ratajkowski’s flat stomach, hard abs, and long, slim legs. Her face was cut off and obscured from sight to better show the clothes, but her straight, dark brown hair could be seen falling over shoulders.

As of Wednesday morning, the post has attracted over 952,000 likes and more than 2,500 comments.

Ratajkowski’s fans and followers were delighted with the 28-year-old model, actress, and entrepreneur.

“Ok I’m ready to place my order with you,” said one fan.

“omg playboy vibes,” wrote another excited fan.

“WANT THEM ALL,” said a third.

Even Bumblebee actress Hailee Steinfeld stopped by to gush over Ratajkowski’s sensational looks.

“Obsessed,” she said in a comment.

The brown-and-gold set was the leading photo on Ratajkowski’s post, but she had a series of three photos showing herself wearing other clothes from the line.

Clicking through the photos revealed Ratajkowski sporting another similar crop top in orange and hot pink with matching bikini bottoms. The third picture showed Ratajkowski from behind posing in a sheer wrap top in brown, orange, and white. She appeared to be wearing a matching string bikini top under the wrap based on the crisscrossed straps down her back. The string bikini bottoms in the same brown, orange, and white design revealed a glimpse of Ratajkowski’s tanned, rounded derriere.

As in the first photo, Ratajkowski kept her face obscured from sight, at most only giving viewers a look at the back of her head and her long, dark brown hair flowing down. Her makeup look could not be seen.

Also on Tuesday, Ratajkowski had an entire photoshoot posted to her Instagram stories where she continued to showcase her new line. In those photos, Ratajkowski had more full-body pictures where her face was visible.