Jenny McCarthy Adds A Hilarious Twist To Quarantine Life With Husband Donnie

Lucille Barilla

Jenny McCarthy documented quarantine life with husband Donnie Walhberg in a hilarious TikTok video she posted to Instagram. In the clip, the celebrity couple is seen cleaning, sorting, and doing other mundane household chores. The blond stunner is spending lots of time with her handsome hubby in close quarters as they shelter in place due to the coronavirus pandemic.

For the video, Jenny and Donnie are together and looking rather unhappy as they perform everyday tasks. These include cleaning the toilet, matching socks, taking out the trash, putting away laundry as well as dusting and polishing the floor.

The video then took a turn for the hilarious as Donnie is seen with his messy, long hair that he had previously kept under his cap. Jenny is seen in a housedress. She picks up her legs and shows her long leg hair to the camera. Donnie posed for that shot, showing off his own legs and pretending they were his stunning wife's.

Donnie has been a member of the boy band New Kids on the Block for over 36 years. He can also be seen as Danny Reagan on the CBS series Blue Bloods and is a partner alongside brothers Mark and Paul in the Walhberger's hamburger chain of restaurants. Jenny is the host of her own eponymous Sirius XM radio show as well as a judge on Fox's The Masked Singer.

The couple met in 2013 after Donnie appeared on McCarthy's VH1 program, The Jenny McCarthy Show. The two shared a flirtatious on-screen interaction that made it clear they had serious chemistry. The twosome would eventually marry on August 30, 2014.

"You two are having WAY too much fun in quarantine," shared one follower.

"Bahahaha! Looks like my legs right about now!" joked a second Instagram user.

"This made my day — as your videos always do! I said it once, I will say it again, you and Donnie would be THE BEST to be in quarantine with," stated a third fan.

"Jenny coming through with the real-life pajamas! Yaaaaasssss," shared a fourth fan.