Mackenzie Rosman, 7th Heaven’s Ruthie, May Appear In Maxim

Mackenzie Rosman, the now 23-year-old former child star who played Ruthie Camden on the long-running WB hit show 7th Heaven, has appparently just wrapped up a photo shoot with slightly naughty Maxim magazine. According to the Mack News website, there’s no date set for the publication and no word either on whether she’ll make the cover. It’s all most mysterious.

Now, if the thought of little Ruthie stripped down to her pink underwear makes you feel a little queasy, maybe you’d better stop reading right here. There is a leaked photo that’s allegedly from the shoot that makes Mackenzie Rosman look quite a bit older than any other picture I for one have ever seen.

In days gone by, 7th Heaven was the story of a minister’s family living in California, which certainly doesn’t sound all that exciting. Yet, it became the longest-running family drama in television’s history, even beating out The Waltons. Ruthie was the youngest girl — and the youngest child early in the story, before the arrival of twin boys in the third season.

Another 7th Heaven alum, Jessica Biel, went on to marry Justin Timberlake.

As her fans already know, Mackenzie Rosman has been promoting her new film Ghost Shark, scheduled to come out this summer. She doesn’t say anything about the Maxim shoot on her official website, but she does hook you up with her official Twitter feed, where you will find this tweet:

So it appears that she definitely did some modeling, unless it’s her idea of a fairly elaborate April Fools to draw attention to her upcoming movie.

I’m still not sure if that’s her in the picture currently making the rounds of the internet, though.

What do you think? Is that Mackenzie Rosman?

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