Lizzo Cried After Beyoncé Wished Her A Happy Birthday On Her Website

Frazer Harrison Getty Images

Pop singer Lizzo broke down in tears on Monday when Beyoncé gave her a birthday shoutout.

The celebrate the 32 year-old’s birthday, the superstar posted a message for Lizzo on the front page of her website.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZZO April 27, 1988,” she wrote, along with a baby picture of the “Truth Hurts” singer, E! News reported.

Lizzo was clearly in shock and shared her excitement on her Instagram page through multiple stories.

“YALL @beyonce KNOWS ITS MY BIRTHDAY,” she wrote, showing a screenshot of the birthday message on her idol’s website.

The “Good As Hell” singer then posted a video showing her emotional response to the news.

“Beyoncé wished me happy birthday. Beyoncé wished me happy birthday on her website. She knows it’s my birthday,” she said, crying.

She then continued to profusely thank Beyoncé for acknowledging her existence, closing out the video by saying she didn’t know what to do with herself.

She also shared a photo to her feed with a caption thanking the star once again. The first photo was a screenshot of the website that had her birthday shout out, followed by a blurry picture of the star covering her face while crying in a leopard-print top. She was so emotional, she had to stop speaking and take a deep breath before continuing the video.

She also mentioned how Beyoncé was the person who inspired her to become a singer after watching Destiny’s Child back in fifth grade, according to the E! News article.

Lizzo has expressed her love of Beyoncé in the past. Last September, the singer performed at the Made in America festival (where Beyoncé was celebrating her own birthday).

Little did she know that the “Halo” singer and Jay-Z were watching her from the wings. Lizzo didn’t find out until after the performance, reports Daily Mail.

After receiving the news, she posted a photo to her Instagram of the pair watching her performance.

The two photos show one far away view of Lizzo performing and the power couple observing. The next photo is a grainy zoomed in shot of the same photo, focusing on Beyoncé and her husband.

In addition to thanking her idol, Lizzo also expressed gratitude towards her fans for also wishing her a happy birthday. She said that the sentiments were very sweet and that she was “very humble.”

Other celebrities that wished her a happy birthday included Megan Thee Stallion, Tamar Braxton, and Charli XCX, reports E! News.