‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fans Defend Scheana Shay Over Edit That Implied She Flirted With Stassi Schroeder’s Brother

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Vanderpump Rules fans are defending Scheana Shay after she was featured in an awkward scene on the Bravo reality show with Stassi Schroeder’s 15-year-old brother.

After Stassi’s out-of-town family members surprised her by coming to Beverly Hills for her engagement party at Lisa Vanderpump’s Villa Rosa mansion, Scheana was shown making small talk with the bride-to-be’s little brother, Nikolai, when she was seated next to him at the dinner table.

In the scene, Scheana noted that Stassi’s little brother is not so little anymore as she told him he’s “eye-level” with her and that he’s going to be taller than his future brother-in-law, Beau Clark.

The Vanderpump Rules star then asked Nikolai if he has a girlfriend, to which the teen uncomfortably replied “no” but “probably” would in high school.

In a confessional video, Scheana was then shown saying that the youngest guy she would date would be a 21-year-old and she would never be with anyone younger than that. The confessional comment made it appear that Scheana was talking about her interaction with Stassi’s minor brother, although it was more likely a sound bite from another time.

"Til Death Do Us NOT Part" Episode 817 -- Pictured: Lisa Vanderpump
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On Twitter, some Vanderpump Rules fans were outraged by the uncomfortable scene and how Scheana was unfairly portrayed. Several commenters called out the editors of the Bravo reality show for trying to make her look bad.

“Omg the editors making it look like Scheana is flirting w Stassi’s lil bro y’all are MESSY AF for that!” one fan tweeted.

“The Bravo editors trying to make it look like Scheana is flirting with Stassi’s little brother is pretty gross & low,” another viewer added.

“The edit trying to make [Scheana] look like she’s hitting on Stassi’s TEENAGE BROTHER is going too far to make Scheana look like she’s desperate and boy crazy. Y’all are reaching,” a third person wrote.

“Production is doing [Scheana] dirty this season! There’s no way in hell she hit on Stassi’s infant brother – that interview clip after was clearly cut from something else. The OG deserves more credit!!!” another fan wrote on Twitter.

Other fans suggested that the Vanderpump Rules editor responsible for the creepy montage should be “sued” and “fired.”

Scheana, who is currently dating Brock Davies, was single last summer when the scene with Stassi’s brother was filmed. She has been portrayed as “boy crazy” in the past, and her more serious journey of having her eggs frozen so that she can have babies later in life has been glossed over on the show.