Joe Jonas Wants To Recreate His & Sophie Turner’s Las Vegas Wedding For Anniversary During Quarantine

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas attend the premiere of 20th Century Fox's "Dark Phoenix"
Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Friday, May 1, will mark the first anniversary of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner‘s Las Vegas wedding. Despite being stuck in quarantine, Jonas told James Corden in an interview on Monday that he still planned on celebrating the special date, reports Entertainment Tonight.

Jonas said that he and Turner used to be that couple that celebrates every few days.

“So it would be like we’ve been dating for a week, we’d have a party or big dinner… We were that nauseating couple. But now I think we’ve chilled out quite a bit.”

According to the 30-year-old singer, he and Turner would probably have returned to Vegas to celebrate their anniversary if there was not a pandemic going on right now. That said, Jonas has gotten creative with ways to impress his bride on their special day.

“If you can keep a secret, I would say I might tried [sic] to recreate Vegas in our house. I have a DJ set up, we could do a nightclub,” he told Corden.

The talk show host joked that he could get their original Elvis impersonator to join them on a Zoom call.

Jonas added that if Corden participated this time, he’d make sure he signed an NDA, as the impersonator (Jesse Garon) previously did “full press” and held interviews about his part in the ceremony. Last year, Garon chatted with Entertainment Tonight after he wed the stars.

He said the entire night was “crazy” but that he found it “very cute” how much everyone involved seemed to genuinely love and care about each other. Garon remarked that he could tell it was a very “tight-knit” group that attended the casual wedding.

Jonas appeared to be in good spirits while chatting with Corden and played along with the Elvis idea, adding that maybe he would dress up as Elvis himself this time to pay homage to their first wedding.

Turner and Jonas did get married in a more traditional wedding in France approximately two months after the Vegas ceremony.

Aside from planning an anniversary, Jonas also has a new show titled Cup of Joe releasing this week on the short-form video platform, Quibi.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Jonas and his brothers will visit different countries in every episode, often with the help of a celebrity tour guide. The first episode will feature Jonas exploring Amsterdam with his wife, which is the city where the two fell in love.