Howard Stern Endorses Joe Biden, Says He'd Vote For A Wall Over Someone Who Suggests Drinking Clorox

Howard Stern endorsed Joe Biden for president during his April 27 SiriusXM radio show, reports Hollywood Life.

Stern was quoted saying he was "all in" on the presumed Democratic nominee and that he would vote for a wall "over a guy who tells me that I should pour Clorox into my mouth."

Donald Trump and the radio host were formerly on good terms. Trump has previously been a guest on Stern's NYC-based radio show. Hollywood Life shared a photo of the two men at a party in the city from 2000.

However, now Stern is speaking out against his old friend, but he claims it has nothing to do with Trump's political party. At one point during the April 27 show, a caller asked Stern to stop talking about politics, and he clarified that his reluctance to support Trump wasn't about his conservative views.

"I don't recognize any of this as being Republican, I don't recognize it as being anything political. I see it as insanity. I don't know what is going on there, but I don't have a good feeling."
Stern even said that he doesn't think there is anyone that will still vote for Trump after his recent press conference, despite the president claiming he was being "sarcastic" when he made those remarks.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Donald Trump suggested the idea of finding a way to inject disinfectants into the body to combat the coronavirus at a recent press conference. His statements sparked an immediate backlash, and the White House attempted to walk back his comments by saying the media misconstrued what was said.

Several health organizations spoke out against Trump's suggestion, advising people not to try consuming disinfectants in any capacity. The maker of Lysol also spoke out against the president's theory.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan claimed the state had fielded over 100 calls from concerned citizens asking if it was safe to consume cleaning products.

Later in the show, Stern and his long-time cohost Robin Quivers proposed an idea for Trump and all of his supporters to host a huge rally where they could spread the virus amongst themselves. The 66-year-old host added that he would like to see the president go on national television and inject himself with disinfectant.

"Hold a big rally, say f*ck this coronavirus, with all of his followers, and let them hug each other and kiss each other and have a big rally," said Quivers.

Stern signed off on Quiver's idea, adding that they could "all take disinfectant and all drop dead."

Howard Stern arrives at the
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