Jax Taylor Reveals If Producers Rushed Him Into Marriage, Slams 'Vanderpump Rules' Newbies' Forced Storylines

Lindsay Cronin

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright appear to be headed for hard times on the remaining episodes of Vanderpump Rules Season 8. However, while the midseason trailer hinted that Taylor was regretful about the timing of his nuptials with Cartwright, that doesn't seem to be the case.

During an interview with Justin Sylvester on his E! Network series, Taylor made it clear that when it comes to what has been featured on episodes of the Bravo reality series, Bravo and his producers have never forced him or rushed him into doing something he didn't want to or wasn't ready to do.

"I never let them make decisions for me," Taylor explained, via YouTube, on Just the Sip.

"I try to keep it as organic and as real as possible. I'm not going to change anything for a television show."

As for his thoughts on the new Vanderpump Rules cast members, Taylor said he feels their storylines are "forced."

"That's why with the new people coming in, it was just very forced. It's very, like, 'Okay, we need to do something to make ourselves look good,'" he said.

"When you watch them, that's who we were maybe in our twenties. We've got two different groups. We've got an older group and a younger group. It's two different dynamics."

Kent then teased that Taylor actually reverts to his old behavior, which used to include heated feuds with his co-stars and screaming matches with his friends, saying that he "definitely" gets back to his past persona for a "hot second."