Vanessa Hudgens Gets 'Windswept' Sans Makeup In A Floral Bikini Top

Vanessa Hudgens stunned her 39.2 million Instagram followers with her most recent post -- a video of her hair blowing in the wind as she wore a colorful bikini top and no makeup.

The High School Musical star stared seductively at the lens in the Boomerang clip, her intense gaze never wavering. She held out the camera with one hand in order to capture the shot from the chest up, letting the brightly-colored top show.

The string bikini featured a design made of yellow, pink, and blue daisies that allowed a hint of cleavage to peek through. Vanessa also wore multiple necklaces that cascaded into her cleavage. The jewelry was layered, each item falling at a different point on her chest.

The first necklace was a brown-and-white choker with a bead in the middle. The next item wrapped around her collarbone and had many different tiny circles. The third gold necklace tumbled down her breasts and featured what appeared to be a fairy pendant. The final piece of jewelry was a gold chain that hung down in between her décolletage.

She also wore several silver bangles on her wrist, as well as gold earrings.

Vanessa's chocolate brown locks were deeply parted and combed over her head, giving her a messy, beachy look. In fact, it was the wind blowing her tresses, as she mentioned in the caption. Pieces of hair flew in front of her face. She smiled as she tugged the strands out of her face, showing off her pearly white teeth.

Vanessa appeared to wear no makeup in the video. She looked fresh-faced, opting to let her natural beauty shine through.

Her followers were quick to flock to the comments section of the post, commenting on her glowing look.

"You look so beautiful," complimented one fan.

"The wind can make a picture look even more beautiful," mused another.

"Dang girl," said a third follower in awe, punctuating their comment with a flame emoji.

"You swept me away v," added a fourth social media user.

Countless others simply commented with heart-eyes and heart emoji.

At the time of this writing, the short clip garnered 1.8 million views, more than 817,000 likes, and over 4,000 comments.

As Vanessa Hudgens fans and The Inquisitr readers know, the actress likes to share sultry images on her Instagram account — particularly on what she calls "thirsty" Thursdays. In one post that she shared, she posed with a towel covering her chest, staring seductively at the camera with serious bedroom eyes.