Cardi B Shows Off Pink Hair And Tight Biker Shorts On Instagram

It seems like Cardi B is trying new hairstyles while the world is at home quarantining during the coronavirus pandemic.

While there was no location tagged on the photo, the "Money" rapper posed in front of what looked like a balcony at someone's home. Behind her was a stunning cityscape at night.

In the shot, Cardi seemed to be gazing at her cell phone to take a selfie while the unnamed photographer got the perfect shot. She stunned in a pink wig, with the front part styled in bangs and two strands hanging on each side. The next section of hair was tied up in the style of a bow, giving a nod to similar looks of the past from Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj.

Cardi's makeup look complimented her pastel hair, as she included a pop of pink in her lip gloss. She paired it with big lashes and eyeliner complete with the long wing at the outer corner of her eyes. She also wore pearl earrings with a big heart-shaped hoop hanging off the bottom. She chose the usual style for her nails -- very long and square-shaped and colored pink to match her tresses.

The "Bodak Yellow" chart-topper kept it simple and tight for her outfit, rocking a white bra with a zipper in between her breasts. The bra did little to conceal her large bust, though. Her toned stomach was on full display above her glistening peach-colored biker shorts.

In the caption, Cardi alluded to the popular Netflix show Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness, where animal sanctuary owner Carole Baskin made the catchphrase famous. The rapper is a big fan of the series, previously telling fans she would raise money to bail self-proclaimed "Tiger King" Joe Exotic out of prison.

Cardi racked up over 1.6 million likes and a little under 15,000 comments from her adoring followers in the first two hours from posting. It was her first post since April 18, so fans expressed how much they missed her, with many of them using fire and heart emoji and others using words to offer praise.

"CAROLE B," commented one fan, referencing the nod to Baskin with a heart-eyes emoji.

"MY FAVORITE PINK STARBURST," wrote another follower.

"That pink is gorgeous!!! I gotta try it!! So damn cute @iamcardib " a third fan added.

"Hey Cardi I missed you," a fourth user commented, adding a sad face to match their sentiments.