Camille Kostek Is As Real As They Come & Confirms There's Nothing 'Plastic' About Her

Camille Kostek just got real about her body.

The 28-year-old Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition model went live from her couch on a "very lazy Sunday" to address her 777,000 Instagram followers via her story. The topic of the upload has come up a number of times throughout her career -- whether or not she's had any work done to her face or body.

The girlfriend of newly-signed Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski explained that she had just read a comment about her that said "Camille=plastic," which caused her to acknowledge the subject on her Instagram stories over the weekend.

"Now, I'm actually going to be taking this as a compliment, because I know it was someone that was trying to be rude, but the reason I take it as a compliment is because I have never had anything done ever. And I really don't plan on it," she told her audience.

The Connecticut-native went on to confirm that she has never had botox or plastic surgery, and that everything -- from her nose to her cheekbones, to her boobs -- "are real."

"I am au naturel," she stated proudly.

Camille went on to assure that she was not "hating" on anybody that had undergone any body enhancement procedures, however, she herself was "very proud" to be "aging naturally."

"If I decide to make that decision later in the future, okay, but everything that I have, everything that anyone sees is mine. No one gave it to me. Understood? Thank you," she concluded.

The final clip of the video series also included a typed message, in which she again confirmed that she has not undergone any procedures, and therefore would not be able to offer any recommendations to those asking where to get them done.

"And to the people who call me plastic, thank you...I'll continue with my herbal skincare routine that has been tricking you," she quipped at the end of the note.

Camille is hardly shy about defending herself against those leaving negative comments about her figure. Last year, People reported that the 2019 Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition cover girl took to her Instagram stories to call out body shamers. According to Sports Illustrated, she has also responded to trolls directly in the comments section of some of her posts.

Not only is Camille proud of her own body, she inspires others to be as well. The model refers to herself as an "advocate for self acceptance" in her Instagram bio, and often encourages her fans to embrace everything about themselves by sharing unedited snaps and going makeup-free on her feed.