Adam Schlesinger's Girlfriend Shares Last Photo Taken Before Songwriter's Death From COVID-19

Adam Schlesinger is just one of the well-known faces that have died as a result of the coronavirus. In a new tribute to the award-winning songwriter on Instagram, his girlfriend, Alexis Morley, discussed her final memories of being with Schlesinger.

The post was accompanied by a photo of the two of them walking together in upstate New York on March 15 -- slightly over two weeks before Schlesinger passed away on April 1 at the age of 52.

In the post, Morley wrote that Schlesinger had recently "grown open to" taking walks, and eventually became enthusiastic about them. He was good, as long as they didn't call them "hikes." She said that the morning after the picture was taken, Schlesinger woke up with a fever.

Morley says that she spent the next week tending to the Fountains of Wayne musician, sure that the fever would soon break as most do. He assured her that he was okay -- a reversal of roles, as he was usually the one taking care of her. Ultimately, Morley realized that she had to take him to the hospital.

Morley further explained that because she couldn't stay at the hospital with her boyfriend, she drove home feeling terrified. The two kept in touch via text, and Schlesinger even thanked her for saving his life. He was intubated the next morning, and she never heard his voice again.

Morley explained that, when she received the call telling her that Schlesinger wasn't going to make it, she asked if there was any way she could see him. The hospital made special arrangements to allow her into the coronavirus ward, and she revealed that she was asked to wear layers of personal protective equipment for the visit. She said that she was grateful to have one more chance to see him, even if he was "deeply unconscious."

Shortly after she arrived at home following the visit, Morley received a call letting her know that her boyfriend had died. The nurse who called and gave her the news told her that he had held Schlesinger's hand as he died and that he had done so peacefully. She concluded her tribute in the comments section by writing, "I love you so, so much, Adam."

The 52-year-old musician was among the first celebrities to die as a result of the virus. Throughout his career, he wrote music as a member of Fountains of Wayne, and also wrote songs for movies like That Thing You Do and for the TV show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.