Monday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Mac Rattles Jordan As He Investigates TJ's Kidnapping

General Hospital spoilers for Monday's episode hint that Jordan will be struggling over big decisions once again after a chat with Mac. So far, she has kept the truth about TJ's kidnapping from emerging. However, Mac is investigating and she may have underestimated how much progress he would make in uncovering what really went down.

Jordan knows Cyrus had TJ kidnapped and that her son was only released because she did what the mob boss demanded. However, TJ remembers very little of what happened and Jordan has not let on to Mac, Chase, or anybody else within the PCPD that she knows the details.

Last week, Mac talked with TJ about the kidnapping and pieced together a few important tidbits. The sneak peek for Monday's show shares that Mac will next reach out to Jordan, unknowingly tipping his hand.

TJ was able to remember where he had been snatched and that it was two men who took him. He also remembered being in a van, hearing a train as they drove, and being kept in a basement.

At this point, Jordan doesn't know that TJ has recalled any of this. However, General Hospital spoilers tease she is about to find out.

During the April 27 show, Mac will arrive at Jordan's office to give her an update. He'll tell Jordan, with Curtis still there, that he now has significant information that will help pin down who kidnapped TJ.

It appears Mac may be holding a rolled-up map, planning to look for spots where TJ was being held given where he was kidnapped and where the train could have been heard. Considering what she already knows, it is understandable Jordan will look frantic as she hears this, and it seems she'll glance toward Curtis as she listens to Mac.

Jordan has been desperately trying to figure out how to bring this case to a resolution that will satisfy Mac and others within the PCPD without revealing her own involvement. Last week, she talked with Curtis about wanting to resign her position as police commissioner. He talked her out of it, but General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central suggest she will revisit the idea this week.

It may well be that resigning won't solve her problems. In fact, the Cyrus situation is going to get worse before it's resolved, and the upcoming chaos will involve Jordan and Curtis.

Sonny, Jason, and Curtis know what happened to TJ, as do Cyrus and Harmony. General Hospital spoilers hint it is just a matter of time before Mac, TJ, or someone else makes the connection that Jordan is tied to all of this, and fans are anxious to watch the fallout.