Chrissy Teigen Has The Best Response To People Criticizing Her 'Square' Body

On Sunday, Chrissy Teigen shared a sexy video on Twitter featuring her wearing a black swimsuit that plunged to her navel.

"Don't get too trapped," she jokingly captioned the post.

In the video filmed with her iPhone, she shows off her body while moving seductively in front of a mirror.

"I've never posted thirst traps, so here I am. Trapping you in thirst. With thirst," she said in a low, sexy voice.

Followers immediately criticized her body, with some calling it "square" and comparing her to Sponge Bob Squarepants. Many people accused the star of having saggy breasts and not enough booty.

Others came to the cookbook author's defense, saying that women's bodies should be celebrated, even if they aren't an hourglass shape. Supporters called out critics for bullying and expecting women to look like the models in magazines.

Chrissy replied to many of the comments, agreeing that they were "super mean." She followed up with a new set of tweets, slamming the critics by replying to a comment from a follower who wished that they had Chrissy's body.

"Everyone used to....surgically enhanced curves. I've been a square my whole life and let me tell you, it's paid off nicely in many ways!" she wrote.

"Imagine if one day I showed up with hips and an a**. Ooooo you guys would be pissed then too! I'm happy, John's happy, we all happy and doing a-okay!" she concluded.

Jameela Jamil, who is known for her body positivity activism, responded to the thread in support of the Sports Illustrated model.

"I loved the video. Didn't see a shape. Just saw fire," she replied.

Chrissy, whose latest project is a courtroom show similar to Judge Judy, thanked her for the love and said that she assumed people would be used to her "right angle bod" by now.

It's not the first time that Chrissy has poked fun at posting thirst traps on social media. She recently posted a photo showing her and Petey the poodle, her curly-haired fur baby, sitting in a shower outside of her pool.

Petey is lying in her lap on his back, and Teigen wears a black swimsuit that shows off some major sideboob. She captioned the post that she and her pup were being thirst traps, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

The comments on that post were largely positive, with people noting her ample cleavage and sexy swimsuit.