'American Idol' Fans Blast Katy Perry As She Dresses Up As A Bottle Of Hand Sanitizer For Remote Episode

Katy Perry dressed up as a bottle of hand sanitizer on American Idol, but not everyone loved the attention-grabbing costume.

The pregnant pop superstar debuted her supersized sanitized look during the ABC singing competition's first-ever remote episode as she streamed in to judge the top 20 contestants from her home amid the coronavirus health pandemic.

When she appeared onscreen for American Idol's new episode, the 35-year-old "Roar" singer was encased in a large white bottle-shaped costume that was labeled "American Idol Instant Music Sanitizer." Katy's face peeped out of an opening in the middle of the bottle as she told Idol host Ryan Seacrest that she wanted to be "as safe as possible" during the at-home taping. Katy added that she "will never forget" being pregnant during a global pandemic.

But, unfortunately, some viewers want to forget her silly costume. On the American Idol Instagram page, some fans slammed the singer for stealing the spotlight from the contestants, who have already been given a raw deal when it comes to the live episodes of the show.

In comments on a photo of Katy wearing her sanitizer suit, American Idol fans blasted the star as they accused her of not taking her job as a judge seriously. As the show aired, many viewers hit social media to ask Katy to take the distracting costume off.

"Take it off," one viewer wrote. "It's so silly and kind of disrespectful to the singers. Take it off."

"Lose the costume it's obnoxious," another wrote to Katy. "This show is about the contestants not you."

"If you can't take the show seriously, why should we?" a third fan asked. "It's disrespectful to the contestants."

"Can you please take this off now," a fourth viewer wrote. "Trying to take the performances seriously... I can't with this!"

Fans were much kinder on Katy's personal Instagram page, where she posted a full-body shot of her hand sanitizer costume from her at-home studio. In comments to her post, fans called Katy a "soap star" and "Cleany Perry." Others described the costume as "funny" and "adorable."

Katy had a lot of help pulling together her Purell-inspired costume for American Idol. The eye-catching getup was designed by her longtime creative director Johnny Wujek and created by designers Shokra and Pini, according to Page Six.

Earlier this year, Katy made headlines when she dressed as a chandelier for the 2020 Met Gala in an elaborate outfit designed by Jeremy Scott.