GLAAD's 'Together In Pride: You Are Not Alone' Raises Money For LGBTQ Community Amidst COVID-19

GLAAD's Together in Pride: You Are Not Alone livestream aired last night and featured a bunch of star-studded performances.

The event, hosted by Billy Eichner and Lilly Singh, helped raise funds for LGBTQ communities that have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The livestream raised over $225,000 for CenterLink, a group of over 250 LGBTQ community centers in 45 states and other countries, reports Deadline. The Ariadne Getty Foundation also made a donation of $150,000, according to

The event consisted of live performances, special appearances from notable Hollywood stars, and words of encouragement for the LGBTQ community during the times of COVID-19.

"At a time when some LGBTQ people could be isolating in homes that are not affirming, GLAAD is bringing together the biggest LGBTQ stars and allies to send messages of love, support and acceptance," said GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis, reports E! News.

Ellis continued that the COVID-19 crisis has put a financial strain on LGBTQ centers, stating that people should "come together" to help financially support the centers so they can continue doing "life-saving work."

The lineup of performances included stars such as Kesha, Melissa Ethridge and the Broadway cast of Jagged Little Pill. Some celebrity appearances included Dan Levy, Rosie O'Donnell and Matt Bomer.

In case you missed the event, GLAAD has uploaded the full special to its YouTube page.


Due to the pandemic, many CenterLink locations are facing closures. The centers provide food and shelter to LGBTQ youth, specifically those who come from dangerous households. The livestream discussed the importance of making sure these centers stay open, so that homeless members or those living in abusive homes can come to a safe place, cites the Deadline article.

Another issue mentioned was the FDA regulation not allowing gay or bisexual men to donate blood. Actor Brian Michael Smith spoke to a New York physician, Dr. Darien Sutton, about the long-held guideline that gay men who have had sex within the last 12 months cannot donate. The FDA amended the regulation in early April to prevent only gay men who have had sex within the last three months from donating, but GLAAD is pushing to lift the ban entirely.

Recently, Bravo star Andy Cohen spoke out about this issue and his inability to donate his plasma after surviving and building up antibodies to the coronavirus.

Lastly, the stars gave a call to action to their viewers regarding the upcoming election.

"It couldn't be more important. If you care about rights for our community, if you care what happens in the courts, if you care about each other, this is more than ever the time to vote," said former Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg.