Yanita Yancheva Flaunts Incredible Body In Revealing Bikini

Yanita Yancheva has a body worthy of envy, and on Monday she put it on display in her latest Instagram post. The snapshot featured her wearing a skimpy bikini.

Yanita's bikini was made from a taupe, mesh-like fabric. It featured a nude layer underneath that matched her skin tone almost perfectly, making it look as though there was nothing under the net-like material. The overall look was incredibly titillating as the top squeezed her breasts, calling attention to her cleavage. She wore the shoulder straps untied, letting them dangle down her sides. The bottoms had sides that sat high on her hips, drawing the eye to Yanita's chiseled abs. In addition, the bottoms showed off her curvy hips and toned thighs.

The fitness model was standing in her bathroom for the snap. She faced the camera while she perched her booty against the edge of a bathtub. She leaned one hand on the tub while she held her other hand close to her neck. She smiled at the camera as she flaunted her amazing physique. Her bronze skin popped against the white ceramic tub and tiles on the wall.

Yanita's wavy hair was parted off-center, and she wore it pulled over one shoulder. Her makeup included a foundation that smoothed her skin. She also wore smokey eyeshadow and a pale pink shade on her lips.

The picture got a lot of love from Yanita's admirers, racking up more than 30,000 likes within an hour of her sharing it.

In the post's caption, Yanita asked her fans about their favorite healthy snacks. Some of her followers took a moment to answer her.

"Dates filled with peanut butter and popped into the freezer. My 3-year old calls them bonbons," one fan replied.

"Celery, carrots and ranch dressing!! Still not as tasty as you," quipped a second admirer.

Most of the comments raved over how fabulous she looked in the bikini.

"Holy cow!!! Who cares about snacks just seeing you in that bra and panties is incredible that figure just gets better and better truly amazing!!!" gushed a third Instagram user.

"Damn, Yanita, who in the world can think of SNACKS while looking at you?!" joked a fourth follower.

Yanita can certainly be a distraction for her admirers when she shares snaps that show her clad in barely-there clothing. Just last week, she flaunted her toned body while wearing a skimpy red bikini and biting her toes in a yoga pose.