Kayla Moody Opts To Go Braless Underneath An Open Denim Shirt

Kayla Moody treated her 702,000 Instagram followers to a number of steamy new snaps this weekend, one of which saw her exposing a scandalous amount of cleavage. The American model took to her account on Sunday to share the eye-popping photo that sent temperatures soaring on her feed.

In the sizzling Instagram upload, the blond bombshell was captured sitting in the driver's seat of a car, which boasted a sleek tan interior. She leaned her body to the side, resting slightly on top of the vehicle's middle console while messily running her fingers through her platinum tresses. A hint of sunlight spilled in from the windows around the model as she gazed at the lens with her lips parted in a sensual manner, all the while looking smoking hot in a very revealing ensemble that certainly gave her fans a lot to talk about.

Kayla stunned in a chambray denim shirt in an acid wash design. The piece boasted long sleeves that were clasped at her wrists, as well as a line of buttons that spanned the entire length of its bodice. Rather than fastening them, however, Kayla opted to leave them all undone, revealing that she was going braless underneath the trendy top. The decision exposed not only the model's toned midsection but an ample amount of cleavage as well, though her audience hardly seemed bothered by the NSFW showing of skin.

A bra was not the only thing Kayla decided to ditch for the racy snap, as she appeared to not be wearing pants either. Instead, the model sported a thin white thong that offered a teasing glimpse of her curvy hips and thighs. Its thin waistband sat at an angle on her hips, drawing further attention to her trim waist and flat tummy.

No accessories were added to the social media sensation's look, ensuring that all eyes remained on her incredible figure. She highlighted her striking facial features with a full application of makeup, including a bright pink lip gloss, dusting of peach blush, and thick coat of mascara.

The skin-baring new addition to Kayla's Instagram page has fared extremely well with her fans during its first 24 hours of going live. It has earned over 15,000 likes, as well as hundreds of comments and compliments.

"The most gorgeous and sexy woman ever," one person wrote.

Another follower called Kayla a "beautiful goddess."

"You have a fantastic body," a third admirer remarked.

"Is there any part of you that's not perfect?" asked a fourth fan.

Kayla is far from shy about exposing her assets on social media. A snap posted last week saw her bending over and exposing her pert derriere in a pair of ripped jeans. That image proved popular with fans as well, who have awarded the post more than 21,000 likes and 593 comments to date.