Salma Hayek Stuns Fans With Completely Makeup-Free Photo

Salma Hayek stunned fans over the weekend when she completely ditched the makeup for a jaw-dropping au naturel photo shared to her Instagram account. The gorgeous 53-year-old actor had her 14.6 million followers doing a double take as she snapped a casual selfie to give them a peek at how she spent her Sunday.

The photo, which was posted on April 26, seemingly showed Salma as she lay on her back, her bare face front and center. The former 30 Rock star still looked every inch the superstar while her obvious natural beauty shone through.

Salma's blemish-free skin glowed as she opened her mouth slightly and gave the camera a sultry look. Her eyes were slightly squinted as she gazed directly at the lens. She let her textured, long brunette hair flow over her shoulders.

The star told her fans that she was feeling "#grateful" as she shared a message alongside another hashtag, #sundayvibes.

The mom to 13-year-old Valentina captioned the snap with a few words in her native Spanish, which a Google Translation revealed to mean "Have a nice Sunday."

Salma -- who recently showed off her flawless body on social media -- kept with the dressed-down theme as she rocked a casual lilac t-shirt with a white crewneck collar and the word "Grateful" written in a bold white font across her chest.

Fans were clearly wowed by the photo, as many shared that they couldn't believe how beautiful and youthful the Mexican-born actress looked when she ditched the makeup. The upload has been liked more than 401,000 times and has received 2,800-plus comments in just over 24 hours.

"After Keanu Reeves she looks immortal," one person commented.

"Salma, please share your beauty tips with us? You look so youthful," another fan said with two heart eye emoji.

"What a beautiful shirt (also a beautiful face, you're stunning), now, definitely our Sunday became more beautiful," a third comment read.

"Wow!!! [Sun]day," another impressed Instagram user wrote.

The candid makeup-free photo came shortly after Salma opened up about the topic of ageing in another Instagram share.

As The Inquisitr reported back in February, she posted another all-natural photo to her account that had one fan accusing her of overdoing the Botox in the comments section. But the gorgeous star took it all in stride with an epic clapback.

"I don't have Botox but thank you for the advice because I was thinking maybe it's time," she quipped in response.