Hanna Oberg Shows Off Killer Physique In Intense Full-Body Workout

Hanna Oberg posted her latest home workout video to social media platform Instagram over the weekend. The upload featured an intense full-body exercise circuit that gave viewers an eyeful of her sculpted form.

For the workout, the fitness model wore a matching sports bra and leggings in a heather teal color. The top left her muscular shoulders and arms exposed, and showed off an intricate full-sleeve tattoo on her right arm. The leggings rose high on Hanna's hips and clung to her curvy backside and thighs. A small strip of her visible midsection teased her toned ab muscles.

Hanna added a pair of white sneakers with a thick sole to complete the outfit. Her long, dark tresses were styled in a bun to keep the bulk of her hair out of her face as she worked out, while a few loose tendrils framed her face. The model added a bit of eye makeup and glossy lips to complement her facial features.

The five-part post featured individual video clips for every exercise in the circuit. Hanna carried out the routine in a sunny, open space with wood flooring. Some of the moves required the use of a chair for equipment but most relied solely on body resistance.

Hanna began the workout with some plank walks into shoulder touches while keeping her core engaged. The second exercise in the circuit was knee to elbows into push-ups, a move that required a chair for support.

The third exercise in the set was the single-leg crab hip thrusts, which targeted the glute muscles. Hanna performed in-n-out planks into push-ups in the fourth video and finished the workout with backward steps into step-ups.

In the caption of the post, Hanna encouraged her followers to complete three rounds of the circuit, spending 30 seconds on each exercise. Trainees should take a maximum break of two minutes between circuits. The fitness trainer added that the workout engages the entire body and works with overall strength, explaining that good body strength is something she values and respects.

The full-body routine appeared to be a hit among Hanna's 1.8 million followers. The post had over 30,000 likes and more than 300 comments within the first 12 hours. Many of the model's followers commented on the upload and asked her questions pertaining to their own fitness experiences.

"Thank u so much for all these videos. I have all of them saved so I can pick and choose what days I want to work on what," one Instagram user expressed with gratitude.